Why CAVE exists

We believe military veterans are hard-wired for innovation and entrepreneurship


We want Colorado to be a place where veterans have pathways to become entrepreneurial & Business leaders. 

We believe veterans are uniquely self-thinking, self-motivated, bold, and risk-tolerant.  

The very act of voluntarily serving in the military is daring and bold, and involves an enormous amount of self-confidence, self-sacrifice and self-awareness.  It’s not something one does on a whim, or because she simply wishes to fall in line and do as she’s told.  

People join the military to do something wild, elite, difficult, audacious.  

And they know they can’t just quit when it sucks.  Which is generally quite often.  Veterans are comfortable being uncomfortable.

Veterans are intrinsic risk-takers.  They are comfortable venturing into the unknown.  They possess a certain gumption about “figuring it out," some defiance, a little hubris, and a will to continue fighting well beyond reason.  

These are hallmarks of great entrepreneurs.  

In the United States we valorize our vets with words and posters and signs, but we don’t give them what’s really important to Americans, what really sets you apart as someone who is valuable to society - we don’t give them jobs. All the praise in the world doesn’t mean anything if you’re not recognized by society as someone who can contribute valuable labor.
— Sharon Abramowitz, as quoted in "Tribe" by Sebastian Junger